"Happy Hour is 9 to 5"

It was a pleasure having you present at our meeting this week. Even though the audience ranged from Sales representatives to state sales managers to national sales managers and business unit directors - you managed to engage them all through the hour session. Your presentation was well tailored to the audience and having them on their feet practicing what you said was great. The feedback post the session has been very positive and no doubt many of them will start to put into practice what they learnt. Thanks again

Suha Patel
National Sales Manager, Roche


Some of our Management team had attended the Happiness Seminar that Cris held in Melbourne, and recommended him as an ideal speaker for our conferences. Cris facilitated a session in our Managers Meeting about Leadership, and the importance of happy staff, which was very well received. He was very engaging, and had done his homework about what we wanted to achieve in the session.

The second seminar, Cris coached and entertained a room full of 140 staff members after a week of conferencing – not an easy thing to do! He had everyone’s attention with his quick wit, and interesting facts, then to finish on a laughter session that had everyone up moving and shaking with uncontrollable laughter – the perfect way to wrap up a conference!

Heidi Halson
General Manager, Southern Region, Entertainment Publications

Inspiring Leadership

I have attended many courses over the journey but have never received such an informative and professional follow up such as this short video. It was an excellent presentation on the day and this is also very helpful to revisit the take home messages and actions we all promise ourselves we will take, which sometimes get delayed by the daily distractions.

I had done one of mine but this has prompted me to do the other today. Good luck with your business, you are very good at your job, and hope we see you again at Glen Eira. It would also be a great presentation for senior management many of whom believe they are too busy to attend such excellent opportunities to learn.

Roger Dunn
Works Manager, Glen Eira City Council


Our university department hired Cris Popp to facilitate a series of staff teaching forums. The forums were highly successful; their success was due largely to Cris’ skills in identifying core issues, creating a comfortable atmosphere and skilfully directing sessions so that topics emerged and were discussed without losing the focus of each forum.

Cris’ subsequent reports were excellent too; they gave us a good sense of the material covered and provided coherent and practical next steps. We would have no hesitation in recommending Cris for any facilitation work, and would be pleased to work with Cris again in the future.

Stefan Schutt
Project Manager / Lecturer,  Visual Art Design & Multimedia,Victoria University 

Communication Skills

I think you did a really good job of making us feel comfortable and exploring that, setting our own objectives around it, which met your objectives, so you somehow managed to engage us into what was going to happen in the day and so I think my curiosity was awakened and I thought actually this could end up being fun!

Therese Taylor
Senior HR Consultant, Red Cross

High Performance Keynote

It was great to have you run this morning’s session and see everyone participate and enjoy themselves. It was a fitting event for our last Technology Breakfast - thanks for making it beneficial and fun! Many people were talking about the session throughout the morning in the office. One of our consultants who attended this morning mentioned the session in passing to an HR representative and I have passed your details onto them. I will also forward this email to HR and let friends and contacts know about today’s session. All the best.

Lynda H
Manager, Consulting, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu


There was a little bit of argi-bargy in terms of people working apart instead of working together. This I think has brought them all together. A couple of them were working against each other and this was a great forum and a great start to get them working together.

I think we’ve got an outcome and the great outcome is going to be essentially working to create some great ideas, foster ideas from all of our employees and, hopefully that will go well with our future, consolidating our company.

Cris’ delivery was fantastic … we didn’t just sit there looking at PowerPoint (presentation), we actually got engaged. We drew things on butcher’s paper; we came up with some ideas. We consolidated those ideas, it was interactive we got everyone talking and that’s very important.

We got the Managing Director to sign-off on an outcome immediately which is fantastic. I think we’ve got total engagement of the people that have been in the course, so as a general manager I’ve now got some support to carry out a program so that’s fantastic, and outside of that I think they’ll be more encourage to do more learnings about other types of things. So I think those are 3 pretty good ones.

I would recommend this program. A lot of industries spend too much time working in the business focusing on what they are producing, all the rest of it, and don’t spend much time educating or getting their teams to actually understand what’s coming out.

Al Kalvaitis
General Manager
Multi Slide Industries



The City of Greater Dandenong recently engaged Cris Popp to undertake a workshop for Council’s management team on Personal and Team Resilience.

Cris was able to easily connect with and engage our management group of approximately 30.
The success of this workshop was evident from the smiles on people’s faces, over the following weeks, when asked “did you find the workshop useful?”
This was an engaging event with lasting impact and I recommend Cris Popp for similar training and professional development work.

John Bennie
Chief Executive Officer, City of Greater Dandenong