Cris is often asked to do media interviews.  If you need an authority on any of our topics including workplaces, workplace wellbeing, stress, high performance, resilience, laughter, positive psychology, happiness, change or a related topic – please contact us.  Cris will always help provided he can fit it into his schedule.  We also have a press pack and copies of research that will make your job easier – just drop us a line and tell us what you need. 


You Do What?
The Sydney Morning Herald, June 2011

Laughing at work pays off, it’s said, and laughter sessions are the best fun you’ll have all week.
BRW Magazine, August 2010.

Happy to be Here: There’s good money in happiness.
At a time when most workplaces would benefit from an antidote to the gloom, a growing body of supporters attest to its efficacy.
BRW Magazine, April 2009.

Get Laughing, Get Healthy
The simple act of laughing does far more than merely make us feel good. In fact, the next time you’re having a good belly laugh, consider that what you’re actually doing is giving yourself a complete mind and body workout.
Australian Natural Health, October 2010.

Humour for Productivity
An interview with Cris explaining how laughter and humour helps your organisation.
Anthill Magazine, June 2007


Why laughing for no reason is good for you. 
Cris being interviewed for National Laughter Day by Mix 106.5 FM.
Mix 106.5, June 2009. Sydney, Australia.