Clients hire us to help them write their innovation strategy, improve processes, create new products, and think creatively:

  • Engage everyone in the innovation process
  • Get more ideas from your staff Manage and choose winning ideas
  • Create an ideas 'bank' Implement the best ideas
  • Design a rewards and recognition programs that encourage innovation
  • Develop an innovation strategy that is unique and right for you
  • Encourage initiative among your people

"If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got."

Albert Einstein

Innovation is essential, not just for increasing profitability, but for your very survival. In the past 10 years I’ve worked with dozens of firms, to help improve their capacity for innovation. If survival is important to you, and you see innovation as key, get in touch. If you'd like a free copy of the Innovation Diamond© to help you solve any problem, think creatively or exploit new opportunities enter your emails address below.

FREE Innovation Diamond© - Developing and Refining Great Ideas Every Time

Do you have a process for develping ideas - an ideation process?  Without one you could be wasting valuable resources chasing down dead ends and developing ideas that don't fit your strategy, capability or timeframe - or meet a market need.  The Innovation Diamond © is our proprietary proven ideation process.  Using it will help ensure you are solving the right problem (which is not always the presenting problem) with the best solution. 

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Ways we Help

  • Diagnose weakneses in innovation value chain
  • Improve the number and quality of ideas
  • Develop your innovation strategy
  • Create vetting and assessment processes
  • Help you engage everyone in the innovation process
  • Develop your strategy for diversification
  • Change the mindset of your staff and/or team
  • Teach lateral thinking and creative thinking skills
  • Help you build an ideas 'bank'
  • Keynotes, workshops, strategy, cultural change.
  • Implement change

Top 10 Reasons to Innovate

  • Business survival
  • Better returns (56% compared with 16% average return on investment)
  • For a more constant flow of innovation
  • To take advantage of opportunity
  • To improve disappointing performance
  • Desire for higher business revenues
  • Because cost-cutting is not enough
  • For competitive advantage
  • For the progression of human well-being
  • For economic growth

 (Cohen. Top 10 Reasons to Innovate)