5 Ways People Respond to Change

“Change is usually something we want other people to do” 

It’s a universal, that people don’t like change.  It is also universal truth, that whether you like it or not – you’re likely to get it.  Here’s some common responses.

  1. Ignore it: Pretend nothing has changed, and hope it will magically go away. This is common, but dangerous and risky.
  2. Resist it: Acknowledge the change, but try to stop it from affecting them.
  3. Manage it: Allow for the change, but try to work around it to preserve the status quo.
  4. Embrace it: Accept the change eagerly, and look at it as an opportunity and not a threat.

In fact, there's a fifth way as well:

  • Lead it: Actually create the change themselves, rather than having to respond to it at all. 

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