How To Create A Mentally Healthy Workplace

We are pleased to have been one of the contributors to a recent study ‘Promoting Positive Mental Health In The Workplace – Guidelines for Organisations’. We believe workplace positive mental health is the result of a high performing workplace that is innovative and resilient – two of our big focuses. We’re pleased to be able to present some its key recommendations :

The need to develop a work environment that promotes positive mental health

The relationship between a supportive work environment, free from incivility and discrimination, and organisational performance is well established. In particular, organisational cultures that are positive, inclusive and respectful have been shown to contribute directly to employee commitment to their organisation, job satisfaction and motivation.

Communicating effectively

Good communication is the lifeblood of an organisation. Ensuring that there are open communication channels between management and employees can help employees to feel empowered and can promote a sense of belonging to the organisation, as well as individual engagement. Encouraging employees to have a voice is a responsibility that all members of the organisation should share.

Designing jobs for positive mental health

Job design incorporates the way that tasks are organised, the access that employees have to resources, the amount of autonomy or control employees have over their own work schedules, and the methods that they use to complete their tasks. Effective job design not only promotes positive mental health, it also contributes to the effectiveness of the organisation by encouraging creativity and empowering employees to develop more efficient ways of working.

Supporting and developing employees

Surveys of employees suggest that opportunities for growth and development are key factors in deciding to join and remain with an organisation. An environment that offers individuals opportunities to enhance their skills and use their strengths is essential to attracting, retaining and developing valuable employees. The work environment can also support the development of ‘homegrown’ talent.

Balancing work and life demands

Juggling work and family and other commitments can be challenging and can lead to the depletion of both physical and psychological resources. The workplace plays a critical role in supporting employees to prioritise and maintain positive mental health both in the workplace and at home.

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