Recharge Mini Breaks

Did you arrive at work ready to go this morning?  Are you feeling pumped and energised for the rest of the day?  Is there at least a couple of things that you’re looking forward to doing?  If yes, great –how will you keep it up?  If no, how can you make tomorrow start off better?

Some people live for the weekends – don’t they’re too far apart.  Don’t recharge on weekends, just haveit drain away all week-long.  Lots of breaks more frequently are better than one big long break on the weekend.  Besides wouldn’t it be great to arrive at Friday night with something still left in the tank?

Let’s start today, in fact right now:

  1. Stop what you’re doing, take 3 deep breaths making sure the out-breath is longer than the in-breath.  While you’re doing that tune into the sounds around you just listen.  Then notice how your face feels and let it relax.
  2. Get away from your desk and go for a walk at lunchtime, near gardens or water if you can – but anywhere is better than nothing.
  3. When you go home tonight, do something you love.  Read a book you enjoy, call up a friend and have a good chat and a laugh (for more on laughter visit

That’s how you arrive home with more in the tank, have a better weekend and more energy next week.  Start small – just start :-).

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Cheers,  Cris