Hi I’m Cris Popp.  I help clients improve engagement and performance; create more inspiring leaders; get better at change: bounce back from adversity and become more innovative. Lots of consultants claim they can do that.  So why do clients come to me specifically?  Why do I get such good results?

I believe people should LIKE coming to work - work is a source of self-actualisation

Abundance not deficit

I reckon that deep down a lot of people, a lot of HR professionals, OD professionals, executives and leaders know that the old ways of developing staff don't work.  People are tired of being told what’s wrong with them, and want to be told what’s right with them.  I reckon the “deficit mentality”, always focusing on what’s lacking doesn’t work - we need to create an abundance mentality. A lot of people are cynical about staff development. And they’re right.


Confident Change not Cynicism

I promise you this, when I do a development program with you, no one will leave the room being cynical.  They will leave feeling good about themselves and their potential at the end of it. They'll want to make changes and the changes will be realistic and possible.

I’m not promising everyone will be happy, and I’m not promising they’ll like what they hear – but I am promising they’ll want to do something about it, and they’ll have some answers, and a way to start.  That’s why clients come to me - because what they get is change that really works.  In one, and just one recent workshop recently, participants came out of that saying they now felt 80% more confident in dealing with problems they’ve had for an average of 4 years. Before the workshop, they felt 20% confident. That's a fourfold increase in confidence in dealing with some fairly long-term issues.

So – pick up the phone and ring me up and say to me, “Cris, here’s the issue. I want a new approach to dealing with it”.   We'll talk to about it and together, we can figure out what to do.



A life-time of Work

Here’s another reason why you should get in touch to make some changes:


That’s the number of hours, the average person will spend at their workplace during a lifetime.  That’s a very personal reason to change the way you work. 

Start Where People Are

If you start where people are, rather than where you want them to be, they're much more likely to end up the where you want them to be, then when they are.  I know that’s a bit of tongue twister so let me say it again - if you want to get change, don't start with where you want people to be, start where they are, energize them, give them some skills and tools and you’ll see the changes.

So what are you waiting for?  Energise yourself, pick up the phone, give me a call, pop me an email, no problem is too small.  Let’s create a workplace that people like coming to and let’s help you and your people to become more successful and productive, and still get home with plenty left in the tank at the end of the day.  Let’s use positive psychology help you and your people to be more successful and productive – and well, every day.