Start With A Bang

You see it all the time. First thing in the morning, the audience is still waking up. The energy is low. Perhaps a bit of nervous anticipation. People don’t know each other and when the speaker tries to get some audience participation they just sit there with their arms crossed. Or start looking at their shoes. There’s a deathly silence. I’m feeling nervous just thinking about it. Who would want to be the first to speak up?

Get Cris to open your conference with an ice-breaking activity and they'll all be jumping up and getting involved.  Can you think of any other way to introduce so many people all at once? After all you don’t have all day. Just picture it – they all quietly take their seats but then within minutes they’re back up on their feet and I have them laughing WITH each other. Great way to bond.

End Your Conference on a High

Have you ever noticed how people judge an event by the way it ends?  It might have been a great event but all they seem to remember is the lukewarm finish and the squeeling from the PA at the finish.  It works the other way too - even if some elements of the conference were less than you'd hoped - if you finish well then everyone is happy.  When you have them in the right frame of mind - then give out the feedback sheets!.  As they say "all's well that ends well".

So if you want a good evaluation and you want your participants to feel good about you and your event then put Cris on last. Yes last. He’ll put on a high-octane finish with a warm take-away message, that will reflect positively on you.

The After-Lunch Lull

Cris will energise the dead zone after lunch – you know the one, about 45 minutes after everyone sat down from the lunch break.  Just picture everyone enjoying a half hour of laughter, (even 15 minutes has worked). Imagine how energised and stimulated they feel afterwards, ready to get back to participating in your event! 

Formal or informal, Cris has an ability to get participants on their feet and make them feel at ease. It’s a unique capacity to both energise and relax the audience.


Conference Architecture

More than just an MC, Cris can help you plan and organise the event, and even help you run the even, or put you in touch with reputable conference organisors:

Cris is the MC that “glues” the event together, provides a breakout session, pre and post conference workshops and gives you helpful advice based on his experience.  Cris works in this area all the time so why not leverage his experience and expertise?

An MC That Brings it All Together

Driving your message throughout the day, keeping sessions on time and questions on topic.

Need an MC to intro and outro your other presenters?  Someone who knows just how much work you have put into the event and just how much it means to your for it to be a success? Cris will keep things running on time and manage the flow. He will keep the audience engaged and run the front-of-house.

Benefits of a Professional MC:

Keynote Speeches and Breakout Sessions

The full range of Cris’s programs include:

These can be delivered as:

  • Keynote Speech: 45, 60 or 90 minutes
  • Breakout sessions: 2 hrs, 1/2 day, full day and multiple day

Every Talk is Tailored For You

Every talk Cris delivers is tailored to your key messages and participants.  You don’t want the same old rehash your audience has heard before. You want something new, fresh and customised. Sure there are some common themes but Cris adapts them with your unique needs in mind. 

"Laughternoon" Refreshers & Icebreakers

Better than a coffee break.
A great way to start, finish and enliven your event.

15 minute ‘laughter refreshers’ throughout your event will do wonders for the focus, energy, collaboration and networking of your participants.  We particularly suggest mid-morning and 'laughternoon' refreshers.  See Cris’s programs, or visit our sister site for more information.