The 3 issues that we hear about over and over again that get in the way of good productivity are:

  • Setbacks and obstacles are affecting our performance - we need to be more resilient
  • There is a sense of overwhelm with the workload and pace - we need to work smarter. 
  • Too much change, everything in a state of flux - we need to get take charge of change.

Are these affecting you?  If they are, and if you need to continue performing, despite your circumstances, - ask us for an outline of the programs with developed specifically help you become more resilient, and perform under pressure.

We have developed three programs to help you: 

Building Professional & Personal Resilience


 Gives you the professional and life skills to turn adversity into opportunity:

  • Increased ability to bounce back from adversity and learn from mistakes
  • Increased propensity to take responsibility and action
  • Focus on solutions rather than blame
  • Seeing adversity as learning opportunities
  • Greaterself-efficacy
  • Better interpersonal communications and reduced conflict
  • Don't just survive when you can thrive

Work Smarter


Uses neuroscience to help you understand just how make the most of yourself, work under stress, make better decisions, be more productive all day long and get home with something left in the tank at the end of the day:

  • Improve focus, concentration and prioritisation
  • More effectiveness for same or less effort
  • Improved memory, judgment and decision-making
  • Improve team-work and collaboration
  • Improve ideation, innovation and problem-solving
  • Work smarter all day long

Taking Charge of Change


Targeted programs for leaders and staff – will help improve agility, reduce resistance and increase transformation:

  • Greater capacity to get through change
  • Reduce resistance
  • Build moral
  • Help embed a pro-active, positive culture
  • Improved leadership during change
  • More support for new initiatives
It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin

Our resilience programme now has more flexible delivery options:

  • Online program for individual use
  • Train-the-trainer for in-house delivery by your own facilitators
  • Combination blended programs – part online, part face-to-face + self-help module

... this helped very much ... the presenter knows his stuff and is inspiring. I think most people are bound up in their own little world and forget about how we can be doing things better. [I liked] Cris’s vast knowledge and his willingness and the flexibility to tailor the course content to the audience.

"I went to Cris's workshop on Resilience at Work. I think anyone attending the workshop would definitely find something to take away, whether it be carefully selected videos, motivational techniques, stress management techniques, analogies or meditation techniques. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to beat the stress at work and stay a step ahead"

Amar Kamboj
Senior Business Analyst
WorkSafe Business Technology
IT Shared Solutions (Mar 2013)

Resilience Compass

The Resilience Compass© outlines the 6 ways that ways that resilient people create advantage.

Would you like a copy for free? Register at or email us.