Who Else Wants to Achieve Their Goals This Year?

90% of people’s New Year’s resolutions are usually abandoned within about two weeks.  Don’t let that be you. How is your year shaping up?  Is it going to be better than last year?  Will you get to the end of the year happy with yourself?  I’ve been travelling around the country delivering time-management and goal setting seminars and already I hear people saying “Where has the year gone?”

A full workload, a busy social schedule and juggling personal and professional obligations can have two downsides:

  • Losing sight of what’s important to you
  • Not looking after yourself

So what gets in the way?  In this occasional series of blogs I will cover why you might be failing to achieve your goals and what to do about it – in five steps!  By the way this is adapted from “Getting things Done” by David Allen.


The first step is WHY!  Why do you want a particular goal.  Knowing why will affect how you go about it and increase your chance of success. For example you might want to be fit.   Now if you want to be fit so you can run a marathon then you’ll want to do hard cardio exercises 5 – 7 times a week at 75% of your maximum exertion.

However if you want to be fit so that you can play with your kids or have an active life – then you could join a sports team, go hiking (my favourite) or start cycling to work.  Quite different outcomes and your next step in both cases will be quite different too!  Ditto going to a meeting – ask yourself why and you’ll have quite a different approach.

In the next blog we’ll cover VISION – what will it look like when you are successful?  For now all you have to do is pick one goal and be clear in your mind about why you want it.  In fact WRITE IT DOWN.  Till next time.

Cris is an all-round performance guru, who has worked with some of Australia’s leading organisations to improve performance, time management and goal setting.  One-to-one coaching or team settings - he can help you get more done with less stress.   Get in touch with Cris: info@crispopp.com or (+ 61) 0438 545 607. 

Cris is also the author of The Innovation Diamond; an innovation manual. By using the Innovation Diamond to guide your organisation’s ideation process you’ll be able to measure your progress as well as keep on track. To learn more about Cris Popp’s Innovation Diamond© click here. To purchase your copy click here.